07 July 2013

Last Night in Ghana

It is suffice to say that I contributed less blog posts than anticipated, as internet is a rare thing to come across in the developing world! So now that I have internet I will do one last blog during my time in Ghana, as it is my last night in Ghana! I am very sad to leave as I feel like I could spend the rest of my life in this beautiful country, but so many things have happened back home that it will be good to go home.

 I have discovered a strength inside of me that I never knew existed. I have discovered that it is possible to enjoy life even when living conditions make it hard. I have discovered that I am surrounded by brilliant like-minded people and it has been amazing to commune with them. I have discovered a new appreciation for the simplest things. I have discovered how to enjoy every moment in life and take advantage of every opportunity. I have discovered that there are actual real manifestations of everything I have learned about the world, giving purpose to everything I have worked towards in school. It is so satisfying to have faces and experiences and memories to motivate the dreams that I will now work towards, yet extremely overwhelming and even frustrating.  The higher energy guiding my life, whoever that may be, continues to bless me in every way.

All I can say is as much as I had always dreamed of coming to Africa and believing that my trip to Ghana would change my life, I never would have expected it to change in so many ways. In ways that do not alter who I am, but rather reinforce everything that I ever wanted to be, knew that I could be, and now I am that person! I am sad that this trip will soon be a memory but I leave knowing that it will always stay with me no matter where I go in life.

I know this is just a broad personal overview and that there are still many stories and experiences to be told, but I will share those in blog posts later on when I get home as I am able to look through my pictures and journal. I will continue to share in the future but in the mean time, here is my favourite picture of the trip!

My biggest dream becoming real... Seeing a wild African Elephant on a walking safari in GHANAA!

... and a little peak into the future ;)

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