03 June 2013

Life in Dzelukope!

Today is my last day of life in Dzelukope! We have been here for two weeks and enjoying every minute! I have been living with the chief of the village, which has been interesting. Our time has been spent on the beach, waiting for food, sight seeing, class under the trees, researching (interviewing people), partying at the little club, restaurants, street food and a little bit of cooking, dancing and lot's of music and socializing! 
The people here are the Anlo culture and they speak Ewe. Us white folks get A LOT of attention... anytime we are walking down the street we hear people yelling "yevu" at us which means "people from the horizon" (stranger). 
The Ewe people are named according to the day of the week they are born. So for Tuesday borns like me girls are called Abla and boys are called Cobla. 

PS: Correction in my last post. Not ALL Recycled computers and electronics are dumped here, some recycle depots may be responsible with it but I just want you to be conscious of where you are putting your old products!!

The Keta Sea Defence Wall.
Dzelukope is a village located in the Keta district of Anlo state in Volta region in GHANA!
Keta is a district with a big lagoon to the north, the ocean to the south and rainfall from above (in the rainy season which JUST started). So they are a big fishing culture but have a lot of issues with flooding and destruction of buildings. So the government built this sea defence wall to along the beach to protect Keta homes from further erosion. The beach is very beautiful  and warm with big waves :)

Here is Alana and I posing with our tiny cot beds and mosquito nets. I think we got jipped on the bed end of this trip! not even any pillows but at least we got a good ceiling fan!

Here are two of the 4 little kitties that live in my compound!

Here is Alana and I with one of our host grandmother's at the chief's house. 
They don't speak English but they are very nice and like to watch lost  outside at night :)

Here is a view of the Keta Market!
Lot's of food and beads and fabric.

Here is me at the club 3T where we go dancing almost every night. These are my Nigerian friends (Motown is on the right). 
They love to play with my hair :)

Photo Credit to Cailean David AKA Cobla AKA Courage

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