27 February 2014

Conscious Condoms for Safer Sex

The condom aisle is a battlefield. Trojan vs Magnum screaming masculine sex. Branding is everything and this kind perpetuates stigmas that make it difficult for women to engage in safe sex. Plus this is done in an unsustainable and unethical way. Meanwhile many people around the world have trouble finding access to condoms.

Don't fret, there is an answer! I came across a page by PolicyMic that brought to my attention there are three condom companies who seek to do something about these issues! (Check this link for more info)

It is a brilliant answer at that! Everything I love about a company.
1. Buy one give one
This is a smart concept that capitalizes off of doing good and giving donations through consumers who would be purchasing particular products anyways. If you need to buy 60 dollar shoes or 1 dollar condoms anyways, why not give one to someone in need while you're at it? The problem with this model, as many have criticized the popular TOMS for, is that giving donations is not sustainable. I mean, if you give a child a pair of shoes then s/he can walk for a couple months. But if you give a parent a job to make shoes then s/he can afford shoes for their child to walk for a lifetime. Cue....
2. Ethical production
The problem with the Buy one give one model is solved by these companies because they actually produce their products in the developing communities, which is important to actually produce economic sustainability within developing communities instead of just giving them donations.
3. Collaboration with other NGOs
These companies also contribute to social sustainability further by collaborating with other NGOs who are already working hard to deal with social issues like healthcare, female empowerment, and safe sex awareness.

Below is an informative video of the company that I liked the most. 

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