17 October 2013

Finding my place

Looking back on all of the different places I've been. Faces I've seen. Knowing they're all still out there somewhere. Far away from the place I'm in now. Are they places that actually still exist? or are they just all old memories of a different life? So much has changed.
How do I remember all of those places? How do I carry them with me? How do I sift through all of the different places and manage to appreciate the place I'm in now? How do I know if there's a particular place that I'm meant to be in? Which place is it? And when? What if I go back to a place and it has changed? How do I let go of the old to make way for the new? How do I remain the same person in each and every place?
How can I find myself by getting lost half way around the world in a strange place? But lose myself coming home to such a familiar place? Must I go back to that place in order to find myself again?

These are the questions that distract me from managing to live my life now.

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