06 March 2013

We Want Peace

Here is some more inspiration that I've gained over the past little while.
This is Emmanuel Jal's hit song "We Want Peace" off his new album "See Me Mama". Go out and listen to it! It's awesome I swear... I won a free copy and got it signed by Emmanuel himself! ;)

Emmanuel Jal is a former child soldier and refugee of South Sudan. Now that he's been rescued he uses his experience and pain to share messages of peace and create awareness for troubles in South Sudan and Africa. As you can see he is a famous hip hop star now, in addition to being a published author of his book War Child, a documentary, and the creator of the We Want Peace movement.

Additionally, Emmanuel Jal has his own charity Gua Africa to help support those Africans/Sudanese who went through similar things as himself. How many rock stars do YOU know that have gone through such trauma and come out on the other side stronger and fighting for change?

Gua means Peace, a universal message we can all try to embody and project in our lives.
"If we invest in education we can change Africa" - Emmanuel Jal

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